We kindly request your presence on our big day to share in our happiness, your presence will make our celebration even more memorable. Your companionship and support are invaluable to us and we hope you can join us as we begin this new chapter in our lives.

Muniya Darshan

Son of :
Mr. Late Sevugaperumal
Madam Maliga

Santhi Anjana Ruparani Devi

Daughter of:
Mr. Late Enthiran
Mrs. Late Muniamah Nair

Towards a

Happy Day

Days and nights passed quickly, filled with thrilling moments we had never experienced before. We look forward to welcoming family and friends as they witness our vows on this joyous day.




A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.”

-Dave Meurer

Love Story

Frist Meet

Going to the same kindergarten and elementary school was the beginning of Clara and Freddy's acquaintance. Having been classmates for about 3 years, it was enough for Clara and Anggato get to know each other even though they weren't close.


After so many years of never meeting due to different junior and senior high schools, Clara and Angga finally met each other again and exchanged greetings on Instagram social media. Communicate as necessary via Instagram Direct Massage,
Clara and Angga then made an appointment to meet at a cafe. That's all. After that, Clara and Angga did not communicate anymore at all.


Angga began to reopen communication with Clara. Initially through Instagram Direct Massage, until then it continued to Whatsapp messages.
Starting to get to know more closely and more intensely, Anggaconveyed his good intentions and seriousness.

Marriage Proposal

Angga began to reopen communication with Clara. Initially through Instagram Direct Massage, then continued to Whatsapp messages.
Starting to get closer and more intense, Angga conveyed his good intentions and seriousness.


And Insha Allah on December 06, 2024 we will have a wedding. With the intention of worshipping for ALLAH, living together as one. Aamiin

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